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Home Dome Hockey Table
Length: 52"
Width: 36"
Height: 42 1/2"
Weight: 230 lbs.
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Breakout Home Dome Hockey Table

Getting into America’s (OK, Canada’s) favorite game has never been easier. The Breakout brings fast paced action right into the rec room. In fact, its low profile dome and four solid wood legs make placement of this amusement favorite a non-issue. Fans will recognize the quick play (thanks to ultra-smooth rods made of chrome-plated, hollow-ground steel with 0.120" wall thickness, coupled with low friction nylon bushings) as being as close as they can get to hockey without suiting up! Each team is controlled by a unique gear box with a 2:1 turn ratio for fast player response—turning guys 360 degree requires only a flick of the wrist! And when there is opposing player-to-player force, a clutch system "gives" so men aren’t being hauled off the "ice" by a stretcher.

Breakout Home Dome Hockey Table Features:
  • Gear Box Clutch System Designed to "give" when opposing man-to-man force is applied—reduces likelihood of stick or man breakage and extends life of gear box.
  • 3 1/4" x 4", Solid Wood Legs 3" floor levelers—thread counter bored into vinyl wrapped legs and adjustable up to 1".
  • Solid Upper Cabinet Construction Side and end aprons covered with attractive "Royal Blue" melamine—chip, mar, and scratch resistant.
  • Steel Rod Supports in Feet of Men Allows torque and pressure to be applied to the clutch, rather than the fitting between the man and gear box.
  • Dome “Bubble” is Fastened with Hinges Easy access to men, goals, and playfield.
  • Low Profile Dome Completely enclosed dome stands 5 3/4" above the playfield to keep pucks in play.
  • 2:1 Turning Ratio on Gear Box Delivers quick player response and lively play—360 degree player turn requires only 180 degree handle turn.
  • Ultra-Smooth Chrome-Plated Rods Hollow-ground steel with 0.120" wall thickness. Marriage of high-lubricity materials—nylon bushings and rods—result in exceptional play performance with minimal friction wear.
  • Playfield Supports Across Entire Surface Supported on all 4 sides of the cabinet, by 2 beams running between the rods, and the tops of the player gear boxes. Gear boxes are supported by durable extruded aluminum channels..
  • Attractive Playfield Graphics Screened into high-pressure laminate and covered with a protective clear-coat for long wear.
  • Infrared Electronic Scoring Utilizes infrared scoring for reliability and accuracy. Sounds goal scored. Side mounted to keep player sight lines clear. Select from several game options including 15, 10, or 5 minute games, race to score 10, 7 or 5 goals, or unlimited Free Play.
*Assembly Required

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Breakout Home Dome Hockey Table
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