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Why Buy From Us

1. No Hidden or estimated costs - Many, even seemingly reputable name companies will hide charges from you, or just estimate charges such as shipping or sales tax, surprising you when you get your bill. Make sure the company you buy from will guarantee in writing your total cost delivered to your door, not just to the nearest terminal or store etc... . If the company you are considering purchasing from has a store in your state, they will be required to collect sales tax. At Direct Game Tables our bottom line home delivered prices are guaranteed, and we collect no sales tax except Georgia.

2. Short lead times – DirectGameTables.com orders are drop shipped strait from the assembly line to you, no going through a vast array of distribution centers which substantially increases the length of time and probability of damage to your table.

3.All New inventory – Make sure your not getting last year’s model that has been sitting in a warehouse or on the floor of a retail store and hasn’t moved because of blemishes or similar reasons.

4. Top Customer Service - Our competition consists from one guy working out of a closet to nationwide box stores which changes employees like hats. At Direct Game Tables our customer service during and after the sale is exceptional.

5. Sales Expertise and Selection – With the largest selection of billiard tables for sale in the world, DirectGameTables.com offers not only great selection, but great sales expertise. We can make sure you get the right table for you, and not simply push what we have. The sales staff is not commissioned or biased toward a specific product; they are simply interested in making sure you get what you need.

6. Excellent Ratings from our Customers Don't just take our word for it, read the reviews our customers give us. Click below to read. We have mixed the reviews with our sister sites, so they may referrence different items.

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Call FREE to speak to a non-commissioned, unbiased sales specialist. Please know that your calls may be monitored and/or recorded for training purposes.
1-229-924-8155 M-F 8:30AM-5:30PM EST.

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