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Length: 129.5"
Width: 28" 
Height: 17" 
Weight: 350 lbs. 
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The Great American Legacy Shuffleboard Table features a stylish black laminate with standard electric blue cloth in the gutters.
  • Made in the USA from solid plywood construction and commercial cabinet grade quality
  • Customizable laminate, cloth, & sizes
  • Heavy-duty legs with built in levelers
  • 1.5" butcher block playfield with 1-2-3 scoring
  • Abacus scoring system built into inner side walls
  • Accessories include set of eight pucks and a can of shuffleboard powder wax
  • Upgrades: Drink/pocketbook holders, Table Top, & LED Lights

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    Legacy Shuffleboard Table
    GRLG129Regular price: $3,700.00Sale price: $2,800.00
    LED Lights: 
    Cup Holder: 
    Pocketbook Holders: 
    Plexi Glass Table Top: 

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