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Total Length: 44' 7"
Lane Length: 27' 2"
Total Width: 8' 5"
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Bowling is enjoying ever greater popularity. However, the floor space and administration required for a classical bowling lane often pose a problem for proprietors of small-scale recreational venues.

The Mini Bowling Lane is the same as conventional bowling but on a smaller scale. It only requires about 40% of the space and is played with a correspondingly sized ball (140mm / 5.5 inches) and pins.

Mini Bowling Lane Advantages:
  • Small space requirement – fits in anywhere
  • LED Aluminum encased rope lights standard
  • No special structural requirements
  • “Stand alone“ operation, no service personnel required
  • Coin-operated machine without central control
  • No need to oil the bowling surface
  • Bowling shoes not required
  • Side barriers for accident prevention
  • Promotional and advertising displays plus fun games
  • Main emphasis on fun and activity
  • One Year Warranty on lanes
  • Two Year Warranty on Pinsetter and electronic scorer
These features open up a whole range of applications for mini-bowling installations. For example, they can enhance the attractiveness of leisure parks, shopping centres, holiday villages, children’s play and recreation centres, existing bowling centres and the fun and leisure sector in general.

Coin-operated systems or “stand-alone“ solutions without service personnel are also possible. And they can incorporate all the familiar features of classical bowling (scoring systems, games and graphics, “glow in the dark“ effects, running lights, bumpers, masking units, etc.).

The Mini Bowling Lane has universal appeal giving pleasure to children their parents and grandparents – fun for all the family.

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Mini Bowling Lane
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