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Click to enlarge<font size="20">Rocket Full Size Vinyl Jukebox</font>
Length: 27.5"
Width: 30.7"
Height: 55.5"
Weight: 265 lbs. 
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Crosley Rocket Full Size Vinyl Jukebox - Black
The Crosley Rocket Full Size Vinyl Jukebox is the finest modern example of a tribute to the 1950’s silver age of jukebox design. The hand-crafted wooden cabinet is formed by artisans who have been building jukeboxes in the UK since the early 1970’s. The hardwood cabinet holds the latest electronics, glass, aluminum and chrome which are assembled to a commercial standard and includes an operating coin mechanism which can be adjusted for free or quarter play. Equipped with the world’s most time-proven 45RPM vinyl mechanism capable of holding up to 70 records and playing both “A” and “B” sides for a total of 140 selections. With the ability to play both “large hole” and “small hole” formats on any 7 inch 45RPM vinyl record, the rotating mechanism is a mechanical wonder. Its Bluetooth receiver connects the jukebox to any portable Bluetooth device, giving you an unlimited playlist at your fingertips. The jukebox features a revolving title strip display which allows you to easily select your favorite record. The included label magic software enables you to create your own title strips each time you update the machine with your favorite vinyl. Vinyl record selections can be made directly from the front of the machine or via the remote control that also controls the volume, shuffle play and record reject. Each jukebox comes equipped with a 240-Watt Digital D4 custom-built amplifier which supplies 60 Watts per channel through a 12-inch subwoofer, two midrange cone speakers and two tweeters. If that isn’t enough for your mancave, game room or home theatre, connect a pair of external speakers to fill virtually any room with a sound you’ll need to hear to believe. Connect a microphone to sing along with your favorites artists and become the life of party. The Crosley Vinyl Rocket Full Size Jukebox will become the focal-point of any room and a heirloom for generations to come..
All machines are hand built to the highest standard in the UK and are individually numbered.

  • Hand-built in the UK
  • Built-In Bluetooth Receiver
  • 70 x 7” Vinyl Record Rotating Jukebox Mechanism. (140 Selections - A/B Sides, Large and Small Hole Formats
  • D4 Digital Amplifier: 4 Channels, 240 Watts, 60 Watts per Channel
  • 2x Tweeter & 2x Mid-Range and 12” Twin Cone Subwoofer
  • Bass, Treble and Mid-Range Tone Control
  • 140 Selection Rotating Title Strip Display
  • Auxiliary Input; Auxiliary Output; Microphone Input
  • Infrared Remote Control Included
  • Fitted with a coin mechanism which may be adjusted for “free-play”

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    Vinyl Rocket Full-Size Jukebox
    CR1210A-BKRegular price: $12,995.00Sale price: $11,995.00

  • Vinyl Rocket Full-Size Jukebox in Oak and Marshall Finish
    Vinyl Rocket Full-Size Jukebox in Oak and Marshall Finish


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